Working at my computer, I had the 2nd movement of Rachmaninov’s 2nd piano concerto playing. I had used an example of Rachmaninov’s orchestration in this movement in the Knowing the Score programme on the clarinets. I tuned into the final minutes in a gap in my work concentration. I picked up the slow descending sequence of notes that the muted first violins were playing as the movement gently subsides to its close. There were the flute and clarinets quietly bobbing in the background. And finally the pianist builds a chord in the home key to put the movement to bed. Startled, I realised that I was hearing this and everything that had preceded it in that home key: E major.

Delight and joy; I thought that E major had disappeared for ever from my auditory sensorium. I hold that delicious final chord in my consciousness as I type.