Psalm 8 speaks to humankind in 2019: Out of the mouths…… a rebuke

What world are you creating for me today?
What world are you creating for my tomorrow?

Look at the stars

  • The greedy man says
    • “I have seen them on my vacations.”
  • The needy man says
    • “I have no energy to see them.”
  • The world leader says
    • “I do not need them.”
  • (What do you say?)

They tell us how very speck-like and isolated you, me and the earth are;
They tell us to be humble.
I see them
Look! Look!

Listen to the earth

  • The greedy man says
    • “The earth is my plaything.”
  • The needy man says
    • “I can only hear my own needs.”
  • The world leader says
    • “Next year, after the election.”
  • (What do you say?)

The earth and all that is in it is groaning; moaning pitifully under your torture
I hear it
Listen! Listen!

All on the earth; all under the stars –

Look, and Listen

See, and Hear

And together – do what it is in your ordained power to do

  • for me
  • for the earth, and all that is in it
  • for today
  • for tomorrow
  • for my tomorrow.