Friday 26th August, up in the air, plugged into the BA entertainment system, a moment occurs. Simon Rattle sets off Prokofiev’s 1st Piano Concerto in an unequivocal D major. I know that the composer thumbed his nose at key conventions by writing his iconoclasm in D flat major, every 19th century composer’s creamily beautiful chocolate box key. A little wrestle with self-serving (I realise) regret takes place, and then I decide to embrace the semitone upward shift to the bright grandeur of D major as the new metier for this opening flourish – a new piano concerto to enjoy! I do enjoy it, perhaps partly eased by the anticipation that Prokofiev is going to throw the concerto’s key to the Siberian wolves when the conventional opening is over. After that, except when the opening musical material returns, key is immaterial.