The 1989 Anglican Prayer Book contains the Communion Service. Andre Frieslaar and I are members of Christ Church Kenilworth in Cape Town. Stimulated by a series of evenings for composers and lyricists, we put together arrangements of some of the prayers in that liturgy. Upbeat ones are in E major; quieter ones and some responses are in C major. There are thematic links between some of the items to make it easier for the congregation to learn the setting.

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The Gloria:

This arrangement by Andre uses the first two lines of the Gloria as a refrain.

Gloria adapted – Voice and Piano

The Kyrie: Lord have mercy.

Lord have mercy

The Lord’s Prayer:

Lords Prayer – Westwood

Responses at the start of the 2nd Eucharistic Prayer:

The Lord is Here

Responses during the Eucharistic prayer. The rhythmic introduction comes up under the end of each section of the prayer:

Communion Responses – Westwood