KEYNOTES PROGRAMMES (as first presented in 2006)

Sundays at 7pm on Fine Music Radio


5th March                     Introduction and C major                Fundamentals

12th March                   F major                                             Innocent and unsophisticated

19th March                   G minor                                            Plaintive and passionate

26th March                   E flat major                                      Of heroes and kittens

2nd April                      B minor                                            Motifs and autumn leaves

9th April                       A minor                                            Scandinavian sadness

16th April                     A flat major                                      The deepest beauty

23rd April                     D flat major & C sharp minor          Inseparable

30th April                     E keys                                              Folksy and chocolatey

7th May                        B flat major                                      Beery, bibulous and brassy

14th May                      A major                                            Narcissus

21st May                      Fives and Sevens                             Orphan keys

28th May                     C minor                                            The scowling philosopher

4th June                        D major                                            The golden key

11th June                      D minor                                            Iron or irony

18th June                      G major                                            Sunny smiles and strings

25th June                      F minor                                             The toothache!

2nd July                        F sharp major & G flat major           Transcendence


© Tony Westwood 2005