Yes, for once in this chronicle of change and loss, I can wax rhapsodical. It is 4.30 am. I am driving home after a spell in the hospital with a critically ill baby. FMR plays an uninterrupted playlist at that time of day. An orchestral version of Liszt’s most famous Hungarian Rhapsody begins with its firm C sharp minor chord. Pah-dah! I eagerly anticipate the sharp-bestrewn fast section that I have had great fun getting my fingers round on the piano. And here it is – the orchestra playing showers of sharps, violinists’ fingers racing up and down F sharp major scales. We are nearing the end and I am taking the 270 degree left turn from the N2 on to the M5 when it dawns on my crepuscular consciousness that the players would have been playing C minor and F major, the simpler keys of the orchestral version! One up for Westwood…..worth being up at that time. Pah-dah!