I have not done this for a while. No big changes combined with a very busy work load precluding many emotional forays beyond that child health domain.

On holiday today on the Isle of Man, Classic FM UK is on. Not my favourite (short items, too many adverts). I miss the pre-announcement, but from the outset the muted string ensemble in mid-register tells me the next excerpt is Beethoven. Very quickly (3 chords) I identify ‘the Emperor’  slow movement and simultaneoysly I know that it is in C major. No vibrating string warmth of B major; the plainness of C major is in command. The Emperor has been demoted. When we reach the fading conclusion, the final held C drops a semitone to an octave held by the horns as Beethoven scored. They hold a B  (to my hearing, not the B flat that he wrote) which means that the finale will be in the non-Emperor clothing of E major. And so it is. Something happens to distract me from the music. When I return, I wonder if my ears are deceiving my key-deceiving brain. I hear E flat major. Yes, it is! The Emperor, wearing all his fine E flat major clothes, has been restored to his throne. And there he sits all the way through to the soft timpani tattoo on B flat at the end of the cadenza, through the rushing scales of the short coda, to the final imperial E flat major chords.