Compositions, arrangements, FMR scripts produced over the last few years, and, I hope, something fresh from time to time. I’ll attempt to update this page with a pointer to any new post in any category.

Compositions can be found in the Compositions category in the right hand panel.

Arrangements are mostly found in the All Age category.

(September 2011) In 1991 a medical friend  suggested that I read Thomas Mann’s novel, ‘The Magic Mountain’. The product of this chance suggestion has been a 20 year journey of creativity for me (and not a few frustrations, inevitable with honing a creation, but aggravated by the nature of large works for the musical theatre – they are not easy to get staged and recognised….). Click here to join me on that journey. There is a category for this called ‘Love in a Time of Tuberculosis‘.

Musical setting of the Anglican Liturgy (Lyrical Liturgy) started in the 1970s at the end with ‘Father Almighty, we offer ourselves to you’, and completed a year ago after the stimulus of a Song Forge experience when I met Andre Frieslaar’s metrical arrangement of the Gloria which we worked on together. There are links to how the music sounds.

Over the years of this website I have experienced a change in my hearing that alters aspects of music perception for me. I call this Pitch Imperfect. There is a Category on the right of the webpage in which this chronicle is housed.