I have for many years been involved in leading All Age Christian worship. Over time I have composed, adapted and arranged songs for these services. The aim has been to allow young members of the congregation, either in the body of the church or up front playing their instruments, reading or acting, to participate fully in what is going on. At the same time, the attention, emotions and intellect of the adults must also be engaged. I intend to post arrangements, songs, lyrics, sketches etc. on this site for anyone to use.

Here is a first sample – a call-and-response version of the old hymn ‘God be in my Head’. A second verse is added using Paul’s advice to the Thessalonians on how to think with God in their heads. This arrangement is suitable for piano or guitar accompaniment.
In my head music

A large number of instrumental parts for hymns and songs we have used in worship over the last 40 years (!) can be found via this post:

A number of Christmas services can be found under the All Age category (or search the keyword ‘Christmas’), including Christmas words for some well known hymns and choruses.