KEYNOTES is a series of programmes I compiled for Fine Music Radio in Cape Town.  Each programme explored aspects of music written in one or more of the musical keys.  The aim was to entertain, but if a listener or two gained a perspective or musical fact while listening, so much the better.

In transferring the scripts to this form of public medium, I have provided URLs for most of the musical examples.  These are almost all on YouTube which provides an amazing range of musical performances.  I have tried to choose those that have minimal to no video bandwidth, but do have solid musicality!

So I hope that you enjoy ‘Keynotes: A wander through the musical keys’ in this format.

These are the dates (from 2006), keys and names of the programmes in the series:

5th March                     Introduction and C major                Fundamentals

12th March                   F major                                                     Innocent and unsophisticated

19th March                   G minor                                                    Plaintive and passionate

26th March                   E flat major                                            Of heroes and kittens

2nd April                        B minor                                                    Motifs and autumn leaves

9th April                        A minor                                                   Scandinavian sadness

16th April                      A flat major                                            The deepest beauty

23rd April                      D flat major & C sharp minor          Inseparable

30th April                     E keys                                                       Folksy and chocolatey

7th May                         B flat major                                             Beery, bibulous and brassy

14th May                       A major                                                    Narcissus

21st May                       Fives and Sevens                                  Orphan keys

28th May                     C minor                                                     The scowling philosopher

4th June                        D major                                                    The golden key

11th June                      D minor                                                    Iron or irony

18th June                      G major                                                    Sunny smiles and strings

25th June                      F minor                                                   The toothache!

2nd July                         F sharp major & G flat major          Transcendence