In 1991 a medical friend  suggested that I read Thomas Mann’s novel, The Magic Mountain,. On my first reading of this weighty work in 1991, I saw it as a stage work. Three years later, the first musical idea germinated – the sound of the train moving at the start of the overture to transport the young hero of the novel, Hans Castorp, up to the place that would provide the stimulus to his hidden genius, a TB sanatorium in Davos, Switzerland.  That rhythm takes the first 3 syllables of the song that provides the prologue – ‘Not very’, a description of Hans’ apparent potential before his experiences on The Magic Mountain.

Twenty years on and I am putting my work on Hans and Mann to its public test. Family and friends have seen it, and I received considerable support from John Walton. If you think my work may deserve a public airing and can help me get it performed, please contact me at: .

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