Two very famous pieces of music set up a conundrum this afternoon. Ursula sat at the piano and started out in Pachelbel’s Canon. “D major?”, I asked as I heard a mellifluous E flat major-based sequence of the famous canonic chords. She was playing in D major. Pachelbel worked up his complex variations and then settled back and faded away. Ursula followed up with a piece of Elgar – his own piano arrangement of Nimrod from the Enigma Variations. I might have expected, based on experience, that this E flat major piece, juxtaposed to the Pachelbel Canon in D (but heard in E flat) ought to have sounded a semitone up in E major. But no, – Nimrod is, I think, so well rooted in its original E flat in my psyche that neither the Canon in D (clearly less well rooted) nor my new tonality can budge it. Long may this situation last!