Don’t keep telling me to leave my comfort zone!

I like my comfort zone. I love it. I long for it.

I like still waters.

I like green pastures.

I like an easy yoke.

They have been promised to me, haven’t they?

So why should I leave my comfort zone?

Why must I be driven out by your cliché?

But now you make me think:

Do comfort zones exist?

Life IS uncomfortable.

Comfort? There is no comfort!

No white boat rocking gently on the blue Caribbean.

The hurricane will get you.

In my comfort zone the time will come when

  still waters will churn
green pastures will turn
trees will lose their shade

as Jesus shepherds me into a new comfort zone.

From my comfort zone I will see

churning waters
turning grass
denuded trees

and Jesus will shepherd me into those dis-comfort zones

to bring his comfort zone
created in me.

The valley of the shadow of death is a comfort zone.
The crumbling, stony cliff track is the right path, my comfort zone.
          I see his rod and his staff. I am comforted, comfortable, comforting.

Did you perhaps mean to tell me to move out of my lazy zone?
my dead zone?

Thank you for driving me out of my comfort zone, into the words of this pseudo-psalm.