Having just had brought to my attention a recent report on the devastating decline in the numbers of insects on our planet that is mainly due to intensive farming, I confess to a heightened state of alarm. I was aware of declines especially among bees, but its extent and pervasiveness was very bad news to this latecomer.

I am already engaged in activities to do with plastics pollution, climate change and tobacco damage to the planet. Adding the status of insects and associated chemical pollution to this already demanding list makes me feel that side shows such as Brexit and trade wars have little meaning when we face devastation within the lifetime of my grandchildren. These threats demand the attention and focus of us all. It is very heartening to hear the voices of children now coming up strongly around climate change.

How we eat, how we move around, how we share, how we relax and recreate, how and what we clean, how we view our fellow creatures on our planet: all of these and more require re-thinking.

Nothing is as it was. Everything must change, and those like me who are the ‘haves’ and ‘have too much’s bear and must recognise that they/we bear the greatest responsibility to change – fast, and extensively.