In late September and for all of October 2015 Jean and were travelling in the USA and UK. During that time there was little opportunity to listen to classical music. While staying in the DC area we enjoyed quite a lot of Virginian marching band spectacle. I did not try to work out which keys those odd concoctions of music were in. When we returned to Cape Town, I soon regained my listening habits. I noted that over those nearly 6 weeks of musical fasting (though there was a rich array of other experiences including the ‘colors’ of the fall and their B minor hues), there had been a significant shift in my pitch perception – something I might not have noted if I had been listening with my normal frequency – whoops!, dual meaning of that word in the context of hearing could be confusing – with my normal rhythm, rather. Now many more favourite or well-known works are starting a semitone higher than the set key, rather than shifting up while I am listening which has been the dominant pattern up till now. It is most noticeable in the keys that have a common key – one that has a character to my hearing – a semitone up e.g. E major to F, D major to E flat, F sharp minor to G minor.

So the upward shift continues.