Prose, poems, verse, my favourites among other people’s words – these are the kind of things that are likely be found on this page and its associated posts. I am a teacher, a song-writer, a researcher, a policy-maker and, when my blood is up, an advocate who is only too grateful that words are there to get a message across.

The writing that I am most pleased to have produced was published in South Africa’s Mail and Guardian newspaper in 2001 when the South African government was being taken to court for not rolling out a programme to prevent perinatal transmission of HIV.  The article was anonymous and was used in court papers. Perhaps it helped the plaintiffs to win the case, with far reaching positive consequences for the health in children in South Africa.

A poem called The Elements was part of my coming to terms with my role in the care of children with cystic fibrosis. See other poems in the Poems category in the right hand panel.

I am an eclectic reader and have a propensity to connect things incongruously (‘Only connect’, a phrase from EM Forster’s Howard’s End, but I don’t think he had this kind of connection in mind). Noting a surname in common in two very different series of novels I was reading around the same time a few years ago, I had the idea of connecting the famous Harry Potter (author unknown) with the highly literate Fredrica Potter, creation of the extremely literate AS Byatt. ‘When Harry met Frederica’ was the result. A third Potter who appears evanescently in another author’s fiction meets these two more celebrated Potters towards the end of the piece. Other pieces of oddly connected whimsy are to be found in the Whimsy category.

The Late Literary Lunch programmes for Fine Music Radio in 2010 brought together words written by others and music.

I hope that more such flights of the pen will be evinced by living life and connecting.