The slow second movement of Haydn’s Symphony number 103 (Drumroll) is a set of variations alternating C minor and C major. My sense of C minor has remained more stable than some other keys (because of Beethoven’s 5th?). But today this movement started in a clear C sharp minor - up my sensory single semitone. I could tell it was really in C minor because of the sound of the open violin G strings in the theme, but I was hearing C sharp minor.

The first variation is in C major. Would it shift? Indeed it did, but was I hearing C sharp major or D-flat major? In terms of sound frequency, they are the same so they should be indistinguishable in auditory terms.

I have a very clear sense of D flat major – sweet and smooth like condensed milk, even with some of its colour (probably the nearest I get to synaesthesia). Like milk chocolate. I have had little specific feeling C sharp major (music in the key is rare) – until now. This music was a muddy version of D flat major – a new character has been added to my soundscape courtesy of my odd hearing. It is not really welcome.